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Welcome to the Liberty Lake Elementary School Library. Our library serves approximately 575 students in grade 3-5. Students are encouraged to check out books on a regular basis throughout the year. The library has books for each students based on the District Selection Policy. Time will be provided each week during library class to check in/out and/or take a Reading Counts quiz. In addition to books, students may also choose to check out magazines. The check-out limits are listed below, unfortunately check-out is prohibited if the student has overdue materials. (Books/magazines become overdue after two weeks.)

We are appreciative of both our student library helpers who assist with shelving books, gathering books for teachers, and bulletin boards, along with working at the book fair and our adult volunteers who help ensure everything runs smoothly in our library. Thank you!  


Mrs. Monson, Teacher Librarian
Mon, Tues, Fri: 8:40 - 3:30
Wednesday: 9:00 - 3:30
Thursday: 10:00 - 3:30